New to PMP?

Are you considering PMP certification? Do you want to know about PMP and make a jump start? Please read on the topics below to help you with the information you need. PMP is one of the most valuable certifications in PM community, your interest is justified as it will give you the edge you need in your PM career. The knowledge and information you gather as a part of preparing for certification will help you better perform you job role.


I wanted to be PMP certified since last couple of years but honestly I was not able to put my effort for regular studies. Anyways in 2016 Dec, I made my mind that i have to do it and took PMI membership. First blow was that my case got picked for audit and in first attempt it got rejected. It hurt my preparation and delayed my plan for exam appearance but anyways.. In second attempt audit went fine and I got response to take my exam date. 1st phase was over.
To get back to track I took another 6 months as my workload was fluctuating during this time. In between I was reading mainly Rita's PMP prep book and PMBOK 5 alternatively and started giving all free mock tests after reading these books 1-2 times.
For new PMP aspirants my advice is -
First, whatever you will read, it will not be useful until you read PMBOK in the end and understand the PMI way of doing Project Management.
Second, don't waste your time on easy mock test where you are scoring 75 or 80 score as they are simply wasting your time. Find mock test sources where you are scoring late 50 or 60 score. I went through all the possible free mock tests and achieved scores in 70s until I found PMZest where I scored 59% in first mock test. I realized my mistake to not continue on easy mock tests which are available in internet.
So long story short, to all new PMP aspirants -
1. Read any alternate books (based on your choice) BUT PMBOK is must and atleast one round of brisk reading 1-2 weeks before exam.
2. PMBOK glossary – at least 2 times in last week of your preparation just before the exam day.
3. Don't go to mock tests where your knowledge and understanding are not challenged. Search for mock test sources where you feel you are still below the passing line.
4. Don’t rely on brain dump on the day of exam as it will not help you in that crusial 4 hours. I did not even get 1 single numerical in my real test for which most of the folks need brain dump.
At least I took my initial failures in those tough mock tests positively and understood where I was not doing good to get success on the main exam. I will recommend PMZest for at least mock tests if you are not looking for anything else.
All the best if you are one of PMP aspirants and want to crack main exam in first try.

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