My experiences and tips for passing the PMP exam.

1)Ensure you attend all the classes from the online portal where you are planning to get the 35 PDU's.This will give you a base to start preparing for the PMP Exam.Please note this might not be applicable for everyone as it depends on how you plan to earn the PDU.
2)Start with HeadFirst PMP and try to complete the book,it's easy to understand the concepts.The authors have written the book in the most descriptive manner.
3)Answers all the questions from HeadFirst PMP,that includes crosswords,small exercise's and the questions at the end of each chapter.If you understand the concepts correctly , you will be able to correctly answer almost 80% of the questions in the 1st attempt.
4)Once you complete HeadFirst PMP, switch over to the original PMBOK 5th edition and read the book end to end.Always write notes , this will help you remember things and will help you in the future when you start working on the mocktest.
5)Once you have finished reading the PMBOK, attempt one exam with the 200 questions in a streach, this is very important as it will give you a realistic view on where you stand.
6)Don't worry if you score less, it's all about practice and revision.When I took my 1st mock test, I scored only 38%,it's disheartening  but that's where you you become more resolved to crack the PMP.
7)Get back to PMBOK again and I am sure this time you will understand the concepts better and prepare in a better way.
8)Next it's all about attempting multiple mock test,take anything that comes your way and keep bettering yourself.
9)Practice all the free mock tests that you can get hold off, a Google search will reveal the best mock test to be taken in-order to assess yourself.
10)At the end ,if you are consistently scoring around the 75-85% range, you should be good to crack the exam.
* Important- Consistency is the key,form a routine of studying for 2-3 hours everyday and don't break it.There's a lot to understand and remember so practising everyday is very important.
* Important-After taking mock tests ,concentrate on those questions where you went wrong and re read the specific grey area to make yourselves comfortable. This will fill the missing gaps and leave no stones unturned
Finally - it's all going to work out and all the best. !!!.
Hope this helps.
Thanks PMZilla for all the tips and mock questions.
Sandeep K PMP®
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Very good post. Thanks . Congratulations on your PMP

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Congratulations and welcome to the club!

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