Just took the new Exam

Hey guys, just wanted to share my experience:

My exam had 15 calculation questions including EVM, Expected Monetary Value, PERT, and one very difficult question about contract cost estimates which was nowhere in the PMBOK or my studies.

The rest of the exam consisted of mostly scenarios asking to identify what process or activity a project manager should do next, or asking what the project manager could have done differently.

I took several breaks and finished the exam in about 3.5 hours.


I would recommend memorizing the process flow from the initiating and planning process groups in order. There were many questions which seemed to test knowledge over where we currently are in the project...

Oh and forgot to add that the results of the exam were indeed not provided. They gave me a paper saying to expect results on October 15, 2011...

Just to add. Did you get questions on ITTO and how was your preparation on memorising the same.




I did have some questions on ITTO but for the most part they were embedded in the scenarios.


What i would say is to UNDERSTAND the ITTOs. It is not important to memorize them all but understanding the processes and the ITTOs is very important. It is more important to understand why an input, tool/technique, or output is associated with a process than to memorize all the ITTOs...


Everyone learns differently but i think it would be hard to memorize all the ITTO. Better to understand....

Wanted to also add that i read the PMBOK twice and used flash cards to gain an understanding of all core concepts. Will let you know my results when they come in

 I have got around 30 to 40 questions on ITTOs..Its very important to learn.

 I also took the new exam this afternoon.


As has been stated here, the PMstudy tests were close in format and difficulty to the actual. Somewhere inside I was hoping the actual test would be somewhat easier. Fat chance.


I'm actually not very confident. I went into the test with 65%-70% on the PMstudy exams, so I knew I was pushing it. The majority of the questions on my exam were very long and wordy and intentionally mis-directing. I really hope the passing grade is still 61% even though it is no longer published as such.


The big surprise to me was that I had zero questions on professional responsibility. No 'gifts' or 'bribes' or awkward 'cultural' or 'code of ethics' situations. None. Those types of scenarios weren't even woven into the other questions at all that I could tell. Of course, I'm hoping to get a 65%, so maybe that's a clue as to the reliability of my summary.


Anyway, I did get the standard 'hey, we'll let you know how you did... whenever' so I'll let you know what I hear.





It was a very tough exam. The lengthy scenario based questions were pretty hard but what i did was read the last sentence and the answer choices first before reading the questions...



I took the new exam on October 1, 2011. Like you I had no questions on Profesional Responsibility in my 200 questions. I went into the exam fairly confident. I received my scores yesterday, October 7th. I FAILED the test. Here are my scores:

Initiation - Moderately Proficient

Planning - Moderately Proficient

Execution - Moderately Proficient

Monitoring/Control - Moderately Proficient

Closing - Moderately Proficient

Note there is no score for Professional Responsibility. In fact there was no line item for Professional Responsibility. I guess that makes sense because there were no questions on Professional Responsibility.

I have two questions:

1. Why were there no questions on Profesional Responsibility when this is what the most recent change centered around?

2. If Moderately Proficinet represents average competency why did I fail this test?

It seems I must have failed the test because the scoring algorythm calculated that I had zero correct answers in Professional Responsibility which would suggest Below Proficient. Of course, I had zero wrong answers,as well, because I had zero questions in Professional Responsibility.

Has this happened to anyone else?

In the past couple days we've seen several similar results pour in.


It is becoming apparent that you must have a 'Proficient' in one of the main Process Groups - Planning, Executing, & M/C - in order to pass at all.


We've even seen (4) Moderately Proficients and (1) Proficient as a non-passing grade when the Proficient was in Initiating.


I'm not sure what percentage correct constitutes Proficient rather than Moderately Proficient... maybe this has changed? Anyone have any idea?


This is apparently a new development in the scoring of the exam. I'm pretty sure that in the past, (5) Moderately Proficients guaranteed a passing score. I think I've even seen (4) Mods and (1) Below as passing grades here in the forums.


This apparent increase in difficulty is really disturbing to me. I'm virtually guaranteed to have not passed at this point. I'm taking this weekend off, but have already planned on firing up the studies once again next weekend.

Unfortunately it looks like it is not evene sufficient to have one proficient in one of the Main Process groups.

I took the PMP exam on the 3rd Sep 2011 and received my examination report yesterday (7 Oct 2011).

My result: FAILED

Levels of proficiency:

Initiating the Project: Moderately Proficient
Planning the Project: Moderately Proficient
Executing the Project: Moderately Proficient
Monitoring and Controlling the Project: Proficient
Closing the Project: Moderately Proficient

In my oppinion it makes the Level of proficienty report a bit pointless.



This is certainly disconcerting. I am still waiting on my results...

Did anyone pass the new exam who had 0 questions on Professional Responsibility? That is you were tested on just 5 of the 6 areas?

I dont recall any specific questions about professional responsibility

I posted in a similar thread earlier where several of us had failed the exam, and had no score below Mod. Proficient.

I scored Mod. Proficient in all areas and failed.

I had zero Professional Responsibility questions on my exam that I can remember.

Overall I did not think the exam was difficult and left with a 80 - 90% confidence factor I had passed.

I tested on October 1st and received my results on October 7th.



I received MP in all domains and failed the exam. I called PMI and they indicated that they were doing another review of the applicants prompted by many calls that came in questioning their results. I would suggest for all those who received at least a MP in each domain and failed to call PMI for further details. Let us know if you receive the same response as well indicating that they are re-evaluating.


 I sent an email to PMI today and I´m waiting for the reply. My results were MP in each domain. How long they took the feedback?

Just received a mail from PMI appologizing for the original 'fail' and telling me that I have now passed the exam!!!

Apparently there has indeed been some errors with the scoring


What time did you receive that email??

I received the mail at 12:38 AM Central European Summer Time.


I took the PMP exam on Sep 15th, still I have not received any mail from PMI. When I logon to PMI portal, it is showing the below details. Any thoughts on this?


You are a PMP in good standing

PMP #: 1458882

Earned on: 15 Sep 2011

Renew on: 14 Sep 2014


I think you have aced the exam. Since there are some corrections on the PMP reports, My report also disappeared today (I had it until yesterday). I had originally passed and my screenshot is similar to yours.

You are a PMP in good standing

PMP #: 1458937

Earned on: 22 Sep 2011

Renew on: 21 Sep 2014

My status still says "Time to schedule your examination"

I took the exam on October 3rd and have received no update whatsoever from PMI.

I just called PMI Indian customer care, they said I have cleared the exam and told the process to generate the exam report through PMI portal. Below are my result details.


Examination Result: PASS

Domain Your Results

Initiating the Project                                           Moderately Proficient

Planning the Project                                           Moderately Proficient

Executing the Project                                         Proficient

Monitoring and Controlling the Project                  Proficient

Closing the Project                                             Moderately Proficient



I did notice much questions on Provisional Responsibility and Code of Ethics, It is less than 5 in my case.

Please anyone clarify ... Questions will come under the topic - " PMI code & Ehtics" or NOT.



I passed! Proficient in every category except closing which was mod proficient

wow, that's pretty good.  Just got my results, PASSED:

Initiating - Moderately Proficient

Planning - Moderately Proficient

Executing - Proficient

Monitoring and Controlling - Moderately Proficient

Closing - Moderately Proficient


great job dude! On to bigger and better things eh brother?

I passed too.


I took the exam on Oct 6, 2011. I just woke up and checked my email. :)

Domain Your                          Results

Initiating the Project               Proficient
Planning the Project               Proficient
Executing the Project              Proficient
Monitoring and Controlling the Project              Proficient
Closing the Project                                             Proficient

All are Proficient. I'm so happy!



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