I passed the PMP exam 4 hours ago

As soon as I came out of the test center with 'Congratulation - you passed' form; I called my Wife, my biggest supporter.

Then I am here thanking all of you for your prayers (we've been praying for each other)

I passed the PMP exam 4 hours ago .  I've prepared for the PMP exam for almost 5 months. PMzilla - How do I love you. I have gotten lots of useful resources from this community as a silent lurker. I passed at the first attempt!

Here is how I passed it:

Pmzilla - you guys! everyday I would read discussions and pick recommendations...My sincere thanks to this forum for helping me

Studied PMPBok - 3 times

After completing three rounds reading of the PMPBOK guide, started reading Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep. I find Rita's book not reader-friendly and requires “excessive” time and effort...

Started solving chapter wise exercises on Rita and Andy Crowe. I understand memorizing ITTO would not help. Crowe was highly recommended and as I discovered, rightfully so. It has a companion website that was useful.

PMChamp.com - I went through pmchamp's intensive online pmp training...it's an effective learning process for me, all the knowledge areas were well explained...I can thoroughly recommend this coaching program by Vinai...the tricks gave me the "confidence" to go for the real test

Studied HeadFirst - 3 Times...head first lab test will help you understand the process sequence as applied in project scenarios...watch out for those choices that really sound right/practical

If a chapter/topic is very new to you, use HeadFirst, then follow it up with Rita.HeadFirst makes it easy, while Rita is very detailed to the point. PMChamp training is like Headfirst meets Rita.

Pmzilla Final PMP Exam (200 tough questions) - finally day before the exam I attempted mock exam of pmzilla's 200 questions ... indeed very helpful! and a bit tougher than the actual exam...hehe

Took the PMP Exam (sat there for 4 hours without break). In the exam itself, I marked any questions i was unsure of or any involving formula calculations. As others have said, don't forget to review the code of ethics and conduct from the PMI website and know your formulas.

About the exam: Not easy; Not too tough; Not wordy.

The real exam are totally different than any of the questions that you see from other sources. At least they are not identical. However, the ideas are the same. I would suggest you to understand the rationale of the questions in preparation for question variances. I did not memorise the ITTOs, but I think I could have got two more questions right because of that.

It's a great joy to share the news of gaining my PMP certification

I thank my wife and my kids for supporting and adjusting with me for the past few months.

Best Wishes for all PMP aspirants.

party party!


Many many congratulations on passing the exam. Best of Luck 

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welcome to the world of PMPs

Congratulations David. You must have cleared the PMP based on new format. Anything specific to new format you would like to share for aspirant’s benefit.

Many congratulations to u David :)

Congrats !!!

Could you share with us the books version that you had used?

I have Headfirst from 2009.. is this one?

many tnks.


 Congrats David. What was your score when you took the PMZilla mock final exam? 

some 50%, the test questions are very useful and helped me assessing where I need to do more


Thank you guys, stay motivated

Yes,by Andrew Stellman & Jennifer Greene....very easy to understand, I back it up with Rita's and PMChamp.com 's training modules and mock exams

The info that I have is that PMI has NOT started announcing Results as of 30th Sep-11 !!!! . Correct me if I am wrong.

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Yeah but that is sector dependant as well, i.e. in your area it may be delayed but elsewhere it may be different. This is according to PMI. Not sure why or how though...

I am not sure about area thing..I am talking about Bangalore.

How come you got your results instantly when you gave your test yesterday? Sep 29? As PMI will start giving instant results in Mid of OCT...

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I just checked the credential dates at www.pmi.org for app. 7,000 credential holders (~1.5% of the total of over 460,000 credential holders).

For such a number of persons, you find normally several new credential holders per day - except Sundays, of course.

This is true for all days until 30 August 2011, the last day of the old exam.

After that day, there are generally no more new PMPs.

Three days are exceptions with one new PMP on each of these days. These are expectable as laggards, who were tested before 31 August 2011, but were selected for an audit and finished that successfully in September 2011.

For the moment, I see no reason to distrust PMI's statement that they will not give results (passed - not passed) to test-takers before mid of October 2011.

The statement that PMI treats people differently in different countries is also not plausible. PMI is actually very strong in the point that it treats everybody identically, independent of the persons nationality, gender, age etc.

PS: For those preparing for the test: I still recommend to use the over 3,000 free prep questions from various sources which you can find listed up at www.oliverlehmann.com/pmp-self-test/75-free-questions.htm#providers_.

The best way to exam success is to use a variety of sources. Why?

Hundreds of individuals have contributed to the test meanwhile, as writers of new questions and as reviewers. They have a natural variety of experience, opinions, language, culture and areas of interests.

If you use a variety of sources, you will best be prepared for the colourful world of this exam.

PS2: I understand the current uncertainty of test takers at the moment, but the test didn't change its topics and style fundamentally. Don't worry.

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Thank you for clearing that up Oliver

Thank you for your contribution.

During my preparation for PMP exam,your questions almost put me off balance,your style of approach is really different.Actually it is good to go through tough,this will enable someone to be well grounded and get the PMIsm very well.

Mr Oliver, you did a good job,we are proud of you.


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To be prepared is half the victory. Thanks for your contribution on our pmp exam preparation Mister Oliver.