I passed the exam on 14th of August 2017

Hi all
it was a tough journey i must admit , but its tottaly worth it
My plan was in brief :

it took 3 months
i read PMBOK twice
then one chapter from rita and same chapter from pmbok.
I checked all forums looking for the toughest and closest one to PMP real exam and i found PMzest rated as the best reviews for this.
I bought PMZEST mock exams i.e 1200 questions , solved all of them with an average of 61% . During this period , i was in touch with Amol , the PMZEST creator , he was so supportive , through whatsapp , emails and honestly at anytime you send him and he replies for any help or advice.
His mock exams were also the cheapest i found with the best quality.
I also tried PMstudy free exam got 78% , sooo easy compared to the real test.
I tried PMexam simulator 3 free tests with an average of 75 , also easy.
I tried izenbridge free exam 100Q , i got 71 % , medium to close to pmp real exam.
My advise , solve as much mock exams as you can .

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Congratulations and welcome to the club!
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That's very good. Congrats!

Those who want to read the experiences of recent PMPs can look at the following link.

PMP Experience

Good luck.

Congratulations and welcome to the PMP family. Your efforts gave you good result. You must be feeling too happy, I remember the same.

All the best for your future.

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Congratulations! You have done a great job. And it's really good advice: to solve as many test exams as possible. The main thing that they were different. I'm also in the preparation for the exam and one service (where you can order custom writing essays and term papers) helps me in this field.

CONGRATULATIONS! More successful events may come to you in the future!
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Well, I think this is really good news that you passed recently. Keep it up bro! Roof Canopy

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