Failed PMP exam Second Attempt

 Hi All.

Unfortunately, I have failed the PMP exam Second attempt on 21st March 2013. 

My PMI application eligibility expires in July 2013.  I am planning to take the third attempt with some more preparation.

Is it possible that i pay the fees for third attempt by July and schedule the exam in August (after my PMI membership expires). Will the exam pattern will be of current syllabus or will it change as per the new syllabus.

Please suggest.

As far as I know, it doesn't matter when you pay for your exam but depends on when you actually take the exam. The new version comes into effect from 31-July-2013. So in your case, you need to sit for the newer version of the exam if you take in August even if you pay for the exam in July,

 Well said!!!!!.

 Dear Friend,

        Dont give up. This attempt you shall surly come out with flying colors. Now that you are aware with your weak areas, just concentrate the same and refer with PMBOK and plz make sure you refer to Rajesh Nair Notes and Raga's notes too. You will clear this attempt. Dont lose confidence. Success is waiting for you Friend. 

We have valuable Supporters like Pawar Sir, Admin , Sunitha and many more. They are always there to help us and provide tips for us.

Waiting to listen You Saying "I have Cleared the PMP Exam"




 Do you know of a PDF version of Rajesh's notes?


Can you please share with me the PDF version of Rajesh Nair Notes.

The Exam was quite easy with straight forward questions and mathematical questions. I finished my exam in 2hrs 50mins. In the remaning time, I reviewed atleast 30 quesions and made changes to 20 of them. I think this was the one of the mistake i did.



 Dear Friend,

        Plz provide your emailid



Can you please email me the rajesh nair psf notes at . Much appreciated /.

Hi Vishwanath,


Can you please send me all the relevant links and other notes that you used in passing the PMP Exam to my email address:  I have less than three weeks to write this exam and as a result, any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.





 Please pass on the PDF at Appriciate your help... 

Hi Vishwanath.


Can you please share the pdf version of Rajesh Nair's notes. my email address is


Thanks for your help


Dear Vishwanath,

Please provide me the notes.My email-id is






can you please send me the PDF notes to


much appreciated,



Hi Vishwanath,

I was failed in my first attempt (PMBOK 5th Edition) and thinking of taking the next attempt. I just to want to be careful in this one! Any help and advice from you, admin, Abhishek will be more help to me.

If you guys can send me Rajesh Nair's notes on PMBOK 5th edition will also be more helpful to me.

You can reach me at

Thanks a lot




Hello Vishwanath - can you email Rajesh Nair's notes at

are these notes on pmbok 5?

Thanks in advance for your help.