FAILED 4MP and 1BP on my FIRST TRY!!!

 HI All


I gave the test on Monday and was pretty sure I will pass the exam. I got 4 MP and 1 BP


Initiating - MP

Planning - BP

Executing - MP

M & C - MP

Closing - MP


I see people who have 4 MP and 1 BP ... they have passed the exam.... Please advice


Thank you



Seeing your score, The only reason for your failure can be the BP in Planning.

As Planning process groups has majority of the 42 processes, It seems PMI might be giving more wieght

to this area while scoring. It would be worth anylyzing scores of the people who have passed with

BP's to check what they got in Planning process group.



I agree.

Planning has got 23% weightage. Scoring BP there might be a problem.

 You can pass with 2 BP is in Initiating and Closing, But to over come the BP in Planning Or Executing or M&C  , You have to Get atleast 1 P eithere of Planning Or Executing or M&C.

My Guess.. is over all you need arond 62-65 % to pass,

You get BP----If you score less than 50 or 55% in the process group

You get MP----If you score between 55-75% in the process group

You get P----If you score over 75% in the process group



So Technically you can fail even with 5 MP's (though RARE)

 So pathetic to say the least! Please, don't give up now!! Fill your gaps in the planning domain quickly and re-take the exams ASAP. Goodluck!

Please introspect your self how confident when you answered the exams.

Really, I cant believe how narrowly it must have been missed from for not making the criteria.

i suggest Admin to help here to give a proper guidance.

By seeing this result, i should say i was fortunate because of 1P in M &C and lower weightage score in Initiation had bailed me out from not going through2nd attempt

Nevertheless, please be positive and i can understand how frustrating would have been at this point of time.

Pl donit give up and wind up the next attempt in another fortnight's time



 Thank you... appreciate your response


Should I appeal to verify the results with PMI?


I saw this blog and really surprised who passed with 3BP and 2MP





I am not sure, but I see expert saying that there is also overall minimum percentage. You have 4-MP and 1-BP, so it could be likely a case that your minimum overall percentage did not cross the benchmark. What this benckmark is, no one has confirm answer.

Came across this forum link:

- Kevin

Keep going and you will pass. What were your mock results and which mocks have you completed?

Keep going and you will pass. What were your mock results and which mocks have you completed?

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Don't get panic, keep up your pace for next successfull try. 


 Hi Shaider,

Did you appeal your score? What did they tell you?


I passed PMP on my first attempt and i should say luck was favouring me....1P especially in M&C saved me.






What saved me was 1P in M&C and MP again in Executing i guess....thanks to lot of numericals that saved me.

Any comments

Hi everyone,

I just completed my 2nd attempt and received BP in all categories!  Could not believe it!  The first time I took the test, only a month or so after taking the required training course I did better!  Wow, I just don't get it, felt really good going through the test, almost like the correct answers were jumping out at me.  I searched Pmzilla and back in 2011 there were instances where several people received a FAIL and later received an email saying there was something wrong with the testing program.  I am hoping & praying that this is the case with me as well.  I just can't accept the fact BP in all?  I studied even more after my first unsuccessful attempt and if anything, feel as though I did better.  Such a huge investment of money and time in this endeavor.

Comments please?  Thank you.

So sorry to hear about you dude! My exam is scheduled next week and this makes me nervous.




Relax Tom, sorry didn't mean to stress you out.  I'm sure you will be fine.

Good luck!

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Just regroup yourself & start reading again.

Give as soon as possible, dont wait too much long.

Give gap for 3-4 days & start again.

Failure is steeping stone to success.


Md Javeed

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Can you share the score for Each mock you did ?


Maybe we can see if you were ready ? and identify where you have some difficulties?

@philza: I recently passed my pmp exam. My mock test scores were about 75-90% 


that's a pretty intense score.. most of the people usually score lower and even pass

@shaider, can you share your score for the Mock Exam you did before you try the Real PMP Exam?



@philzs:  I agree with you..people pass without reaching 75% in their mock tests. But it always good to over preare than under prepared. I think that your 1st attempt is also the best one. Also I didnot want to retake this exam again :)  as I have to move on with my life and career and can't afford to study again and pay extra bucks for this exam.

You should read this 2 part article to undesrstand the way PMI evaluates.

- First part talks about history of PMP exam score and what PMI expects from test takers - 3 Facts about PMP passing score.

- Second part provides a method to determine if a candidate is ready for the exam or not - Best Way to Determine PMP Exam Passing Score