I've been audited! does anyone have any experience?

I am applying to sit the PMP exam. When I paid for the application, I receive notice that I am being audited by PMI.Does anyone have any experience?I have 2 questions...1. After I get my manager's signoff on my projects, will PMI actual call him/them?2. When I put my application in, I left off my most recent school (I had well over the required 35 contact hours). Now that I have been audited then I need to add that school. So, the latest school is not no the list of items I am being audited for. I have my transcripts and certificate from that 36 contact hours class. The older classes I have to go to the colleges to get transcripts. Can I just send in the certificate even though the training was not on my original education? 

Thanks for your input.

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PMI Audit is easy nothing to worry about if you are genuine case

 1) They may call your manager

 2) You can send your old transcripts, call them after you send it to resolve any issue over the phone




You do not need to worry if you are genuin case. Just go for the Audit Package available on the PMI site, lots of information is available on that package.

  1. PMI may contact your manager- but normally they don't.

  2. You can send them a copy of your 35hrs PDU certificate. that would be enough.

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Does anyone know if this is a random process? Or do staff look at the applications and if there are red flags they will then audit?