Enterprise Environment Factors and Organizational Process Assets question

Can somebody answer this.

In the ITTO processess, some have EEF ,some have OPA  and some have both.  I am unable to understand why the EEF and OPA are in some and why they are not in some. 



I'm questioning the same thing. I don't understand why EEF and OPA are not input (and output) for each process.  I'm always in doubts when I get question regarding this in test exams...Will be also very grateful for a valid explanation. Same it is with T&T Expert judgement.  

I'm also wandering why e.g. Human resource management plan is not an input into Identify risk process. OK, Project scedule and Activity resources estimates are (which have informations regarding human resources), but HR plan defines management approach regarding HR and why that this can't contain risks? All other plans or other outputs from knowledge areas are included...

I have seen that most of the people also has problem understanding this.


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Lets take an example, say you are collecting requirements for your project, you need the project charter / stakeholder list whom you would interview.  Now the EEF here dont directly influcence the requirements collection phase.If there is a specific environmental factor that impacts the project, it should be articulated in form of requirements and it would come from the SMEs.

Like wise OPA is not directly an input,. However when you are defining the scope you can use the existing policies procedures etc. to come up with scope.

That explains.  Thank you.

My question relates on how to distinguish an enterprise enviromental factor from an organizational process asset they all sound similar

The assets question is going to be a nice one. Everyone is interested on what it actually implies. - Paul Savramis