PMP exam will change

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Please help on my question below

I heard that the exam will be changed on 31st of august 2011 so do you know what is the scope of the change and how this will affect the study ??

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On 31 August 2011, the PMP® credential examination will be updated.

How will the changes to the PMP® examination affect me?
• If you plan to take the examination by 31 August 2011, the changes will not affect you and you can continue to prepare as planned.
• If you plan to take the examination after 31 August 2011, you will need to update your preparation by reading about the examination changes on the PMP Update page on

Why is PMI updating the PMP® examination?
• PMI completed its regularly scheduled Role Delineation Study (RDS) in 2010 for the role of the PMP.
• The updates to the PMP role will be integrated into the PMP® examination and, therefore, you will see updates to the examination questions.
• You can read more about the examination changes and how to prepare for them on the PMP Update page on


I think that as long as you take it before August, you should be fine.  The new version eliminates the Social and Professional Responsibilty section among other things; I think 30% of test is different.

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I am planning to take up the PMP exam and is this sure that the change would be by Aug 2011 as then I would need to hurry up :(

Well, you gotta be ready for any eventualities. It is not very difficult to follow it, for sure. - Paul Savramis