Cleared my PMP exam 8th May 2017 in first attempt !

Hello All, 

    Today I cleared PMP exam,  I was a silent spectator of the PMZilla and other forums related to PMP on web, after reviewing the challenges involved in preparation of the exam, I'm sharing my experience (Lesson Learned)  

 - Attended PM training for pdu's in October last year. due to family and work commitments I was not able to start preparing immediately hence I started in January 2017 early (my new year goal :) ) 

- References I've used 1 - Rita book read 3 times 2 - Andy Crowe - Read once 3 Head first Read once 

- PMBOK- I've read it multiple times (I don't even remember the count but probably 7-8 times) 

- I think by now those who are preapring for the exam must have understood that there is no smart way to get through the exam those who have not understood, please get this in burned in your mind as this requires a thorough preparation.

- Kindly do not attempt to purchase anything on internet who claim that they've question for PMP.. first of all it's illegal and unethical and second thing is all of them must be fake. 

- I've prepared approximately 7000+ questions , did all the questions from Rita's book then all questions from Andy and HeadFirst. 

Doing so many questions helped me understand what I need to analyze and how to set my thought process and prepare startegy for the exam. 

- Additionally towards the end, I've purchased question bank of 1200 questions, as when I gave there free test I find it extremely difficult and I scored very poor,  61% was my score in first attempt.. and that was a big demotivator for me.. hence I thought of giving all the questions in PMZest a good and honest try and after first failure I've filled my knowledge gaps and then read the PMBOK and Rita again.

Post reading I've scored consistantly 72% and above in all PMZest questions and they've really good quality questions .. and I got a great support from Anmol Sinha as well, as and when required for clarification on the questions.

Mostly the PMZest focuses on very neety greety details of PMBOK which we've not read or unable to understand while studying of in classroom. and this has helped me a lot during the exam.  They are kind of different as compared to what I did in PMStudy (Free)/PrepCast(Free)

- Also if you've time I encourage you all to do the Scordo questions too.. it may help you build strategy. 

- I also did purchased Fahad Usmani question bank of 400 questions , they were helpful and good but I felt PMZest is far better that Fahad question bank. (In case you are thinking to invest money on questions) 

- I've memorized the ITTO's for Initiating and Planning module and I did very well in exam for both of these knowledege areas. 

- I skipped ITTO memorization for remaining processes but considered memorizing it for Control Risk and Control quality. 

- It may vary person to person but I think memorizing them will help you during the exam. especially when you've to think which process the question is refering from PMBOK and then you can apply all the inputs and tools and choose which is best for the mentioned scenario.

- One advice I can give is prepare very good set of questions on Control cost , memorize all the formulae,

- I've refered the video's on youtube of Saket Bansal (iZenBridge) they are awesome and helped cleared lot of concepts for me, especially those related to the Conflict management and Risk strategies (positive and negative) 

- Day before exam I really had a tough time sleeping all night even woke up at 3 am in the morning and got goosebumps for the exam (nightmare or probably panic attack).. but then I  did my Yoga thing to get myself organized which helped me getting back on the track.. 

- I studied all day yesterday(i.e. day before PMP exam) but read only PMBOK.. 

- Finally exam :- as we are not allowed to share contents or questions in the exam, I will share the strategy which I used in the exam..  As all of us know that exam is tricky and it tends to exhaust your mind, I've decided to use my gutfill for answering the tricky or hard questions. so with this way I've covered all the questions within 3 hours (took a break for 5 minutes post 100 question).. Took two breaks total each of 5 minutes I highly recommend to take a break and disconnect from the pressure,  I've marked almost 70 questions for review and I had 1 hour left for reviewing them.. and here was very important part of the exam... I've categorized them in 3 parts
1 - 70-99% sure
2 - 50-50% sure
3 - Not sure :) 
so I kind of again filtered quickly though starting with category 1 of 70-99% sure and changed almost 10 question answers and unmarked them
Then I was left with almost around 40 questions and half hour left(30 mins) 
again I did iteration for category 2 of 50-50% sure and here I changed answers for many questions as I had to give them a thorough thinking of what really question is asking and connect the context. This left me to last 10 minutes and 10 questions left for which I had no idea what they are talking about ! I kind of changed the anserws for few using general project management experience in real life, but I could complete only 4 of it.. and remaining 6 got submitted as it is.. and I ran out of the time!! 
But I ensured that all 200 questions are answered.. as not attempting will get 0% probability of success and attempting a question will get you for being at least 25% probability that it is correct...  
- All the best for the PMP exam & preparation ! Wishing you all great success. 

- I really had a tough time sleeping all night even woke up at 3 am in the morning and got very scared about the exam (nightmare).. but then I kind of did my Yoga thing to get myself organized and back on the track.. 

- I studied all day yesterday(i.e. day before PMP exam) but read only PMBOK.. 

congrats, it really is tough and need to strategise 

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Congratualtions for your PMP Certification, Big thanks for exploring our youtube channel (


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Congratulations Kishore... Thanks for this post.

That's very good. Congrats!
Those who want to read the experiences of recents PMPs can look at the following link.
Good luck.

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I know a lot of people that have failed their exam the first time through, great job!!!

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