Applicability of contact hours

Hi everyone,

My application for the PMP examination was accepted recently and I am preparing for the examination for April 2017.

In parallel I have also planned for some modules for ITIL Intermediate later this year, for which i have purchased online training modules a week ago.

I was wondering considering the start date for these modules has begun, will their training hours be counted towards my PMP certification Annual contact hours requirements. I will be done with the ITIl modules "after" my PMP certification​ - I want to ensure their hours count towards PMP certification​ validity hours requirements.

Please comment, Thanks.

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Do not worry about earning PDUs to maintain your PMP certificate, you will find so many ways to do it for free, here is my blog which tells you how to get it :

The PDUs need to be earned after you get PMP certified , so if the certificate is starting before your PMP certification date you will not be able to claim PDUs for it. As i said , focus on getting certified first.

Best of Luck for your PMP exam.




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