Cleared Exam on 01st Oct 2010

Hello All,

      Am more than happy to announce my success on the  exam this day..

Lessons Learned...

1. Mandatorily understand logic behind each processes, in and out of PMBOK..

2. Clarify and co-relate the knowledge gained from Point 1 above in atleast one of the books like Rita or Kim Heldman

3. After Points 1 and 2, above Atleast solve 1000 to 1500 PMP Questions..and attend the exam immediately.. right after that..

Found whizlabs samples to be more effective in this cycle..

Let me know if this is helpfull..



congratulations manju on clearing the exam.

LL's are always helpful to others, thanx for sharing them


Congrats Thanks for the LL.

The membership and the exam will entail cost. Having that one is one step closer to passing the exams. - Green Water Technologies