Passed PMP with 5P on 11.02.15 First attempt

Hi all,
I have cleared my PMP with 5P on 11th Feb 2015.
I have study for 3 months for 2-3 hours on week day and 3-4 hours during weekend. I have two young Kids to help me-;).
Book used- PMBOK - 1 through read and 1 review (Must read and only read)
Rita - 1 through read and 1 review.(Good for first understanding)
Practice more than 3000 Free questions all most all available on Oliver Lehmann site. Average score 70-85. lowest 67 in 75 tough question of Oliver Lehmann.
Real exam was very easy than what I expected. I have left with 1.5 hour. (during my practice exam also I left with similar time or even more for easy exam)
Exam has many situational question ,Tuckman theory, type of contract, conflict resolution, type of communication and few on line of communication.
My advice do as many practice question as possible from reliable source.
Varun Patel

Congrats Varun for the certification.


Congrats Varun.

I am planning to appear soon. People say that the questions in exam are very verbous. Are all questions big and verbous or only few. How many percentage questions are big and wordy. Also, Is the math questions very hard? I


Not all questions are long, it is mix bag. you can finish well within time. for me math questions are very easy. only 5-6 calculation questions.

Hi Varun,


At the outset, hearty congratulations on passing your exam. I have my exam scheduled in 8 days and am just doing the second revision on PMBOK.

In my Mock tests, these are the scores that I got:

Oliver Lehman 75 Qns- 69.3%

PMSTUDY full length-70%

Headfirst- 82.5%

Can you please share your thoughts on whether I should postpone my exam. confused :(


Thanks Much


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Heartiest congratulations on getting 5P. This is something really special and you must celebrate.

Do Hang around on PMZilla for few days and spread to vast knowledge. 

Congrats Varun. Welcome to the club of  5P !!

you still have good time before exam.

make sure you practice good no of question and have faith in your study.

 Hello everybody. I am preparing for PMP Exam and need a study partner. I have put up my schedule and preferences on StudyPal. It would be great if we study together.
My best wishes.

Congratulations Varun!


Did you use any paid sites for solving question papers during your preperation?

No i did  not use any paid site except for 35 PDU.



Hi Varun,

First of all congrates:-) 2nd I am too preparing for PMP and ugess study lke crazy for 4-5 months but was scoring betwwn 65-70% in all the exams.

And now demotivation has took me study for 1 hour everyday still I am not confident:-(

Any suggetion..what I should do?


That is really impressive. Passing on the first try is going to be a very good feat. - Marla Ahlgrimm