Sample Questions for your PMP Certification Exam

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Hello Project Managers,

I am happy for the response you have provided me so far on my blog. I would like to offer you 200 free sample questions along with 600+ more paid questions to crack your PMP exam.

Based on the feedback we received on our portal PMP Exam Simulator - PMP Sample Questions, I have added more questions. We now have 800+ questions that are aligned to the 6th edition of the PMBOK® guide to help you prepare for the PMP exam. These questions are split across four PMP Online Tests.

PMP Practice Test117 (200 free PMP® questions)

PMP Practice Test115 (200 paid PMP® questions)

PMP Practice Test115 (200 paid PMP® questions)

PMP Practice Test115 (200 paid PMP® questions)

Creating this knowledge base has taken a lot of time, research and effort. I hope that this helps you in your PMP® exam preparation. All the best.

Thanks and happy learning!
Testudaan Team

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Thanks for the materials :-)

I have also passed PMP exam. I want to share my study material

I hope these resources will helpful for the readers

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