Incorrect name during register the exam

I already fill in the name same as ID card during registration for exam.
However, I don't know why but the registered name incorrect for exam. Then, I can't accomplish the exam. Already asked PMI & they said need to pay the exam fee again. Do you know can reschedule the exam without the exam fee?

Hi Nichol,

Can you give some more details??
Didnt you check the name on PMI scheduling info mail?

Also when is your exam?

Please see my updates.

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You mean you go to exam center and the name is not same?
or do you confirm the name on prometric email ?

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Your question is hard to follow. We need more details to understand how we can help.

Please see my updates. Let me know what additional info need to provide.

My exam schedule was 17-Jun @0900 (HKT). The email confirmation shown incorrect name. But I don't know this email name must same as the ID card name. I believe show the PMI member name.
Then, I went to HK test center & the guy said this name not match my ID card name so not allow to accomplish this exam.
I remember already fill-in the ID card name. I don't know why still shown PMI member account name in the exam record.
Already send the email to PMI Appeal Board but no any response.
Actually, this is my 2nd attempt the exam. How can I do?

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I also from Hong Kong, it is because the First name and last name ?

Yes, this is related to English name & Chinese full name.

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What is you PMI account name and prometric name?

My PMI account name is Chan (Last name) + Tai Man (First name)
as same as prometric and also same as the screen shown on PMP exam terminal.
they allow me to exam, because my ID card and VISA card is same.

But The Test staff warn me about i should contact PMI change the name to correct format follow US citizen. (First name)+(Last name)

I suggest you contact PMI ASAP.

My PMI account name is Nichol Law
but Id card is Chinese full name.
Already contacted PMI customer care but they said need to pay the exam fee again.
I'm very sure I already input the Chinese full name but don't know why still shown my English name. I also input my Visa card information. There is also input Chinese full name...

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I think the most important is you have to confirm they have count the exam or not, due to that is 2nd attempt. they said have to pay again, it maybe cannot change their policy, it as same as the candidate has absent on exam.

Nichol already went prometric on the exam day. Due to name mismatch, they din't allow him. The PMI treats you are absent the exam. That is why they said paid fee again. However, you attempted first time successfully. Find out LL.

You must provide your last name (surname / surname) as a whole. If you have another two-part name, be sure to provide the full last name as shown in the identity documents (except for accents) you will submit on the test day. PMP Braindumps

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Thank You for this information

I think this is the Database issue and you can easily resolve this. Best of luck for papers.
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