PMP Application question - Reporting Experience

Hello, I had a very quick question while filling PMP Application. I realize that I do have a couple of projects (each spanning more than 1 year) for which I am unable to reach out to the Supervisor.

I will still be eligible for 4500 hours without reporting these projects on my application. Can I still go ahead and submit the application without these projects? or would these gaps of 1/2 years in experience on my application because of absence of these projects be red flags for a potential audit. Kindly assist!

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In case you are audited you will have to get the letter from supervisor and submit to PMI. So only show the experience which can be endorsed.



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Hi there,

well, my application has been audited, so i can tell from my own experience, that there is no problem reporting projects with gaps from 1 or 2 years or whatever.

Important is to report the needed hours and that you can proove them by a supervisor in case of audit.

Please refer also to the audfit kit, which helped me a lot while my audit and preparing for it:

PMP Audit Kit:



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Its ok to have Gap in experience, and in total you need 4500 hours of experience in last 8 years. Even the application filling system will not count the experience if it goes beyond 8 years... so you do not worry system will take care of it.


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Assalaamwalikum bro..

If u  haven't submitted ur application than can u email it, i would like review it & see how ur projecting ur expereince.