35-hours PMP PDU's validity?

Hi All,

Just want to know the validity of PMP 35 hours PDU's.

Since if it is 1 year validity,

Please answer my below query:

If I have PMP 35 hours PDU's for PMP examination & it will get expire in September and at the same time if I register myself for exam before September and schedule exam in the month of November or December will be my 35 hours of PDU's are valid for that period of year?

Since after registration, I will have one year time period with 3 attempts to clear my exam - Basic rule of PMP.

Is it possible to register for my self before my PMP 35 hours credentials expires, so that for that registration period i can give exam.

Please let me know.

Shri :)

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Hi Shri,

you mix some topcis here.
Your 35 PDU/Contact hours don't loose there validitation, not even after a year and also not after 3 years for instance.
What looses its validitation after one year is your eligibility to take the exam, which is based on these hours.

And as far as i know you have to take the exam within one year period beginning at the date of youre eligibility certification.
So, if your eligibility expires in September, you have to terminate your exam before this expiration date.

Hi Shri,
You should complete your application in conjunction with your exam prep training if at all possible. You'll need to pay PMI for the exam and, if needed, deal with their audit process. Your timeframe then is baselined as of the day your exam was paid. You will have one year from that date to successfully complete your exam to avoid having to update your information.

I recommend using http://www.pmstudy.com. As part of the course, you receive prep materials that can fulfill the PMI Continuing Education requirement if needed. Even if you already have the hours, you can use the material to study for the exam, and the instructors are very helpful in explaining the application process.

The 35 education contact hours required for the PMP application do not have an expire date. You can even submit PM education classes from your university. Only stipulation is that the education hours would have to be completed by the time you submit your application. I also recommend the PMstudy resources to prep for the exam. They have online and classroom options (as well as free resources) on their website. All the best!

35 contact hours do not expire. For more details, you can read this article - PMP 35 contact hours validity

Good luck.


35 Contact hours certificate is valid for lifetime, but 35 PDUs can be used only once for renewal of already obtained PMI-Certificates.

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