Rita Process Chart

Hi Guys,

I'm really struggling with Rita process chart,
First, the order is confusing for me (i looked to alot of old topics about this, and saw different suggestion: from ignore that chart, to focus 100% on it(especially the planning))

Second, i can't understand these processes (i'm not a native english speaker):

Could you please help me understand the following:

what means:

-determine planning team !

-go back-iteration 

-create forecast (forecast for what in C&M?)

-manage reserves (why this in monitoring?)it should be in Excution

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Sam,

i have irgnored it completly while preparation, and succeeded in my exam at August 24th ... well, this should answer your question, i guess.

Please don't get me wrong, Rita's Book is good and i used it intensivly for preparation (along with Head First and a german language one) but i also get confused by her Precess Chart and so i have decided to ignore it completly.

From my experience it may be helpfull to PM Newbies in practical PM live, but it is absolutly irrelevant for the exam.

Just my 2 Cents ...




Thanks pmcoe,

could you please share your experience when preparing for the exam, how much time you have take to prepare, materials you have used, how was the exam?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Samy,

thx for asking.

Well, here are some tips how to kick off your PMP journey best:

Kick off your PMP Preparation with

✪  “The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification”:

One of the eligibility criteria is, to obtain 35 contact hours in project management education by a so called “Registered Education Provider” (R.E.P.).

Therefore you can choose between a lot of offers out there, starting by live classes/bootcamps (mostly 3 to 5 days long and relatively expensive) ending with self-paced online training courses.
You have to find out and decide which of those fits you and you’re learning approaches best.

Here is a link to

The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education

I would recommend an online training course:” The PMP PrepCast” by Cornelius Fichtner which i use by myself for preparation; you may have a look here: ☛  http://wren.cf/2t

There is also some free stuff available: ☛  http://wren.cf/2u

If you want to get a glimpse how this video training will look and sound like, you can find the following example lesson here:

“Key Activities for the PMP® Exam (for PMBOK Guide 5th Editon)”

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Btw: One of my favorite tools they offer is the "PMP study coach" which works like your own, personal, ready-to-start PMP study plan/navigator.
You may have a closer look here: http://wren.cf/34

If you more the type of guy who wants to create her/his very own study plan, than you should have a look to this complete guide here:

Creating Your PMP Study Plan - The Complete Guide


The books that i have used where the PMBoK Guide of course, Rita's nad Head First and - cause i am german - another one what is written in german.

What else could i say?

Well, practice, practice, practice!

i would recommend NOT ONLY doing as much sample questions as you can, cause practice is the key!

Furthermore you should try to really SIMULATE the exam. It is not an easy job to do 200 (more or less difficult) Questions in a time frame of 4 Hours.
Those 4 Hours could get really long and/or you could run out of time in case you will hang on to long to one very difficult/complex question for instance.

So, you should train your time management for the exam also.

You can do so with those tons of free sample question available on the internet, but in my experience, a professional tool which provides you exactly the exam circumstances, is much better for this.
Yes, it may take a little invest, but from my point of view and my experience this is priceless.

I would like to recommend you the exam simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, which provides you ✪ 1.800 high quality PMP questions and which gives you ✪ high flexibility in how to train your questions up to max. ✪  9 fully loaded and timed exam simulations, each with ✪ 200 individual questions.

You may have a look here: ☛ http://wren.cf/2v

To get an idea of what you can expect, please use ✪the free/trial version to try out: ☛   http://wren.cf/2w

✘ How close are the questions in this simulator to the real exam?

Well, I did my exam on 24th, Aug 2015 and now I can tell from my personal experience, that the PrepCast exam simulator is as close to the real seminar as it could be!

That's for the moment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me again if you have any further questions.




Thanks a bunch Markus for the advice, and congratulation for your certification :)
That's give me energy and good hope to pass this exam :)

Have a lovely week.

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You are very welcome Samy,

just let me know if i could be of assitence anyway.