Need Guidance / tips for choosing the best answer

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Dear Friends,

         Can any of you friends kindly assists in whats the exact or best way to select the best answer among two options.



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Hi Kanchi,

regarding your topic please refer to this article:

How to Find the Best Answers for the PMP Exam Questions to Become a Certified PMP


        1. Concept: The PMBOK® Guide is always right

        2. Concept: A Project Manager is proactive

        3. Technique: Read the PMP exam question completely first

        4. Technique: Use your brain to answer the PMP exam questions

        5. Technique: Start bottom up for long PMP exam questions

        6. Technique: Read Last sentence first when answering a long PMP exam question

This one could be also helpfull to you:

Types of PMP Exam Questions You Should Know To Pass The PMP Exam:


        1. Formula-based Questions

        2. Situational PMP Questions

        3. Knowledge-based PMP Test Questions

        4. Interpretational PMP Exam Questions

        5. Specific Technique PMP Test Questions

        6. PMBOK Guide Knowledge PMP Questions

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Best of luck!



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If you want to get a glimpse how this video training will look and sound like you can find the following example lesson here:


“Key Activities for the PMP® Exam (for PMBOK Guide 5th Edition)”

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You should also refer to:


“The Complete Guide To “How To Get PMP Certification”:

This article should answer all the questions new PMP aspirants could have.

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PMP CERTIFICATION EXAM UPDATES 2015: What You Need to Know … :

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2015 Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Updates: