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Hi Guys,

 I am a bit new to this Forum and really found this very helpful.I have a small doubt and I believe the people who were sucessful in the PMP should be able to guide me .

My question is

Would the pattern of studying PMBOK, process group wise be more helpful than the Knowledge group wise ?

For exp  : Completing all the processes in  Initiation  ( Project Charter , Identify Stakeholders )

and then moving on to PLANNING group



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Hi Ranjit,

if that pattern seems more logical to you than KA wise, than just fell free to do so.

I guess, it is cause the PMBoK Guide and therfore all the Prep Books (or at least most of them, didn't know any where not) are structured KA'wise.

But here is no strict rule to that, you can start whereever you want and you can go forward like what seems best for you.

Only thing is, that you have to jump often from one KA to another if you will follow the PG-path and that may confuse most uf us ... but like i said ... feel free to go on how you like.

May be here are some additional tips/hints for you:

PMBOK Knowledge Areas for Project Management Guide 5th Edition - Process Groups and Processes - The Complete Guide


        1. What are the Project Management Knowledge Areas?

        2. Why do we have Knowledge Areas?

        3. The 5 PMBOK Process Groups – 5th Edition

        4. What are the Process Groups for?

        5. So what exactly is the difference between Knowledge Areas and Process Groups?

        6. The 47 PMBOK Processes of Project Management

        7. The PMBOK 5th Edition Matrix Chart – Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mappings

        8. Which processes do I use?

        9. Do I really have to learn them all for the PMP Exam?

        10. Knowledge Areas in the PMP Exam and how to prepare

        11. Tools for preparing for the exam

        12. How long should I spend revising the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas?

        13. What is Project Integration Management?

        14. Summary

        15. Recommended Reading


And waht you definitly should do at the beginning of your pmp journey is a personal study plan!

You may consider this article for how to do so:


Creating Your PMP Study Plan - The Complete Guide


        1. What is the Best Way to Study for PMP Exam?

        2. How to Prepare for PMP Exam?

        3. How do I Develop a PMP Study Plan?

        4.  Thoroughly Prepare for the PMP Exam

        5. Know How to Study for the PMP Exam and Pass

        6. Develop a PMP Exam Preparation Plan

        7. Prepare a PMP Exam Schedule

        8. Studying for PMP also means Vocabulary Drills

        9. Your PMP Exam Study Plan Succeeds with a Partner

        10. PMP Study Notes that Really Make a Difference

        11. A PMP Plan Also Looks Outside the PMBOK® Guide

        12. Your PMP Preparation Plan MUST Include Practice Exams

        13. PMP Exam Timetable

        14. Use a PMP Study Plan Template

        15. Summary of Creating Your PMP Certification Study Plan

        16. Recommended Reading


Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Best of luck!



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Hi Marcus,

 You were more than helpful in providing a detailed explanation to my query .

Thanks a lot



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You are welcome!


My advice here would be that read for the first time by process group wise so that you will know the project management flow in sequence. Once this is done read books with microscopic details as per the book chapters i.e. knowledge area. This is again an individual choice. You should definitely read PMBOK every line and refer 2 reference books. Put ample time in reading book and do not hurry in this aspect.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP