Passed PMP Exam!!!

27th May, 2015 was my day! I have cleared my PMP exam on my first attemp. I must say it is challenging. I took long time for my preparation due to break in study. I must say PMP exam preparation must be like project where start and end date should be defined, which was my first mistake.

Following steps for PMP:

> Serious decision to take up for PMP certification.

> Mandatory PDUs collection, free or paid.

> Online registration in

> Application submission, I will share you excel for no. of hours calculation.

> Payment for exam fee.

> Registration under prometric for exam. Must do. 

I have referred following books:


b) Rita 

Note: Don't refer too many books. Two books are enough.

Online questions:

a) PMStudy. You can take anyone.

b) Oliver Lehman free questions. You can refer Oliver Lehman website for free questions link. You can try few. I think that's sufficient. 

Note: PMStudy chapters wise questions are good, that is the standard of questions in exam. Don't go too tough questions, questions in the exam are quite mix of simple, moderately tough, very few are tough. You must resolve as many questions, free questions are sufficient.

Few tips:

> Prepare own notes. I can share you few notes, which are sufficient for exam.

> Finish study of both books than start questions. I think exam Central will be good to start. 

> Review each correct and wrong answers, don't get demotivated with your low score. I have never crossed 70%, still I have cleared my PMP.

> Read PMBOK as much as you can. Remmember, Wording of questions are from PMBOK only. Hence, better you refer PMBOK while you review your answers. Rita is good to clear your concepts, once you are comfortable, start to refer PMBOK only.

> Don't mug up ITTO, try to understand each ITTO. Better you can refer the diagrams again and again.

> You must clear concepts of all numerical questions. Network diagram, communication channel, cost, EVM etc. Don't emphasise on too many tough numerical questions, questions are comparatively easy.

> I found many questions on corrective and preventive, communication channel, integration.

> Revise your notes as much you can. 

I have prepared many notes, which I can share you all. Feel free to reach me at:

Happy reading!!!




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Congratuations on your PMP , I agree too many books need not be refered. if you feel some areas are weak, just check notes on the topic or do searching or view videos on the topic.

Congratulations on your Success 
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Hello Rakesh,


Congratulations to your success! Good Job!

I bet the feeling right after receiving the message that you have done it, was priceless and worth all the effort, right!


Celebrate and enjoy this success, you deserve it!


But like you may know: after certification is before re-certification!


First it seems to be more than enough time (3 Years) to earn the needed 60 PDU’s, but you shouldn’t underestimate this challenge (like you didn’t with your preparation, right).


You should plan and just start right now how to earn your PDU’s.


Here are some recommendations therefore:

A very good opportunity to earn PDU’s with less effort and – more important! – on a regular basis is the PDU-Podcast by the PrepCast-Crew:


PDU PodCast:


Another option is to earn PDU’s just to continue earning certifications like the ACP-Exam

Earning PDU's with AgilePrepCast:


And here are some more helpful tips how to maintain your credential:

Twelve Easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP Recertification


        1. Your Day Job (PDU Category F)

        2. Take a Quiz! (PDU Category A)

        3. Volunteer Service (PDU Category E)

        4. PDUs That Go Wherever You Go (PDU Category A)

        5. Get free PDUs just for listening (PDU Category C)

        6. Watch a Movie (PDU Category A)

        7. Formal Academic Training (PDU Category B)

        8. Create new Project Management Knowledge (PDU Category D)

        9. Turning CEU’s into PDUs (PDU Category B)

        10. Self-Study (PDU Category C)

        11. Get Free PDU ideas via Email (PDU Category - Multiple)

        12. Leverage PDU Activities (PDU Category - Multiple)


How To Maintain Your PMP Certification in 3 Easy Steps


        Step 1: Adhere to PMI's Continuing Certification Program

        Step 2: Attend events by PMI and/or PMI's R.E.P.

        Step 3: Earn PDUs online


2015 Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Updates:


Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.

Best of luck!



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There is a free version available also:


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