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Hi Team,

Got one doubt in Communications Management KA:

In Rita Mulcahy's Book one of excercise, she has mentioned "Requesting additional resources" as "Informal Verbal" and "Conducting a bidder conference" as "Formal Verbal".

I am refering to page no 356 in 6th edition of book.

I think "Requesting additional resources" & "Conducting a bidder conference" is important communication to be formally written.

Please let me know your thoughts on it.








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Maybe the keyword is "Requesting" , since you may be trying to staff the project but you can only request functional managers to give you resources .  So it can be verbal or non-verbal. Sometimes you pick up the phone and ask the functional managers if they have something available, instead of preparing a formal document .


I checked errata published by RMC and this was error. The "Requesting Additional Resource" should be formal written which make sense now.




Requesting resource can be  Formal Written, whcih will be done in planning. Requesting additional resource request starts with informal and once the functional manager or sponsor agrees, then it moves to formal procedure by Perform Integrated Change Control"

Conducting Bidder Conference is an execution process .where you extend a formal invitation to all bidders and share information. Since this process is conducted as an offcial business, it is considered Formal and majority of the communication is verbal in the form of information sharing and  providing clarifications etc so all bidders as well as the buyer are all on the same page , the whole process  is "Formal Verbal "communication.