Business Need Vs Business Case

friends, can you point main differenced b/w Business Need and Case Thanks 

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  A business case often is used to secure a level of commitment and funding for the project or task. while Business need is the gap between where the client is today and where the client wants to be. For eg: You want the website to respond in 4 seconds, but it responds in 8 seconds, so your business need is to ensure that the website performance improves to better serve the clients and your business case would be the impact caused due to website taking 8 seconds. you will add business case when getting funding for your project.

got it admin.

can we say, a supportive cost benefit analysis to fulfill a business need gives a business case. 

business need is what you need - business case is how your work relates to that need or how you relate your work to that need .

From PMBOK's perspective, it is more complicated:
The "Business Need" is documented in the Statement of Work (PMBOK and is an Input used to develop the Project Charter. The Business Need describes why the organization is initiating the project (market demand, technological advance, legal requirement, government regulation, environmental consideration, etc.).
The "Business Case" (PMBOK is a separate document, not part of the Statement of Work, but it is also an Input used to develop the Project Charter.  The Business Case gives information, including cost-benefit analyses, showing why the project is worth the required investment.  It is used by decision makers above the project level to evaluate whether or not to invest in the project.
However, the PMBOK 5th Edition states:"Typically, the business need and the cost-benefit analysis are contained in the business case..." and like the Business Need, the Business Case is often initiated in response to market demand, technological advance, legal requirement, or an environmental consideration. So do not consider them *entirely* separate.
Looking for a simpler rule-of-thumb, I'd say the Business Need does not usually address the cost-benefit justification for doing a project, nor any investment analysis.  The Business Case does. 

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