24 Real methods to get your FREE PDUs for PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP etc.

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Project management institute (PMI) requires the certified professionals , to renew their credentials every 3 years. You need to collect PDUs in different categories. This applies to all professional certifications, namely PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMI-ACP , PgMP and so on. I have tried to collate all the possible sources to get Free PDUs, if you know of some more sources, feel free to share here.

These free webinars are good for anyone who wants to become better at project and program management , its not just a tool for PDUs, but will help you become a better Project manager.

Its unlikely that you will need any more sources than the ones listed below.  Feel free to refer this page to your friends.

  1. http://www.iag.biz/resources/webinars/on-demand-webcasts.html  You must watch the entire webinar event to be eligible to claim a PDU.  Those that do not view the full recording will not be given credit in the event of an audit. Easy to use and claim PDUs.

  2.  PMTM002 Time Management Activity Sequencing 15 PDUs  Participants will master concepts required in the Time Management Knowledge Area. Key tools and techniques as well as example templates are discussed and provided.  This course must be completed within 10 days. http://pmwisesolutions.mindflash.com/PublicCoursePage.aspx?CourseId=112827237

  3. You can earn up to 30 PDUs per cycle in self paced learning, for example by listening to project management podcasts. I can highly recommend PM Podcast http://www.project-management-podcast.com/index.php/component/content/article/14-faqs/faq/50  valuable topics which qualify for PMI PDUs

  4. Here's a website for at least 6 PDUs with free recorded presentations called "PDU for Lunch" by Pam Stanton, who has a blog called "the Project Whisperer" at this url: http://www.pamstanton.com/PDU_for_Lunch_Pam_Stanton_Project_Whisperer.html  There are six recorded ~ 1 hr. presentations from 2011 which can be downloaded and viewed. After viewing them, one can then download a certificate per recorded webinar which is used to claim your PDUs.

  5. Website PDU Of the Day at http://www.pduotd.com has ways to get free PDUs. There is a schedule of several online 1 hour chats and webinars on project management, most in category A for 1 PDU each, although some are category C. Most of these webinars are related to PM Profession. They are specific for the 12 noon - 1 pm EDT timeframe. There are articles also referenced which can be downloaded and used for category C, self directed learning.

  6. To those who are seeking free Webinars / Web presentations to earn PDUs of category A & C, I use following websites and they are very helpful: http://cadencemc.com/cadence-training/online/http://www.project-management-podcast.com/pdu

  7. Roeder Consulting offers free monthly webinars (1 PDU) http://www.roederconsulting.com/webinar.php

  8. PMI Communities of Practice. Many offer free monthly webinars (1 PDU) http://www.pmi.org/Get-Involved/Communities-of-Practice.aspx

  9. https://www.offpeaktraining.com/free-pdu/

  10. IIL.com organizes Project Management Day every year. It's online event. You can get 12 PDU's. Here's the link to this event: http://engage.vevent.com/index.jsp?eid=1022&seid=665

  11. http://www.projectmanagementbookstore.com/webinars/author-webinar-series.html The PMB has implemented a "Author Webinar Series," where we offer the authors represented in our store an opportunity to promote their books by delivering an online presentation to PMB customers. The Webinars are 45 to 50 minutes in length (plus 10 to 15 minutes of Q&A), and all events—even the recorded ones—qualify for one Professional Development Unit (PDU) toward retaining a PMP® certification.

  12. If testing is your area of interest, check out Software Testing Training Events . http://www.rbcs-us.com/news-and-events/events They have a yearly calendar and you can attend their sessions to get PDUs.

  13. http://www.qpmusa.com/Connect-With-Us.html join their webinars on designated days and you can get 1PDU per webinar

  14. http://www.esi-intl.com/resources/webinars-on-demand  ESI offers Webinars on Demand, an extensive library of complimentary seminars. Project managers, business analysts, human resource professionals, contract managers and program managers will find these online presentations valuable to their professional development. Available any time and as often as you choose; many offer valuable PDUs.

  15. Huge number of webinars by industry experts who regularly share their knowledge and experience . Watch for live webinars each month on the latest industry trends covering existing and emerging product technologies. You may also select from our extensive library of popular on-demand webinar topics, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week http://www.globalknowledge.com/training/category.asp?pageid=9&catid=248&country=United+States , register and get your PDUs

  16. From quick information-packed insights on the next generation of technology innovation to learning new ways to handle old problems, ASPE Web Seminars are a resource to our customers to stay on top of the curve. Each hour-long session is free, so sign up for as many as you like. Experience the ASPE advantage: proven technical professionals who can teach. Click on the seminar you are interested in attending and fill out the attached form. You will be confirmed into the session instantly. ASPE will follow up your registration with an email detailing how to log onto the seminar within 48 hours of the seminar start date. http://www.aspe-sdlc.com/webseminars/

  17. http://www.simplilearn.com/webinars - Scheduled webinars, which will give you PDU credit.

  18. 15 PDUs can be claimed in Self directed learning checkout http://pm411.org/ and start listening to their free podcasts. 1 hour of listening qualifies for 1 PDU. Remember you can claim up to 15 PDUs from this type per each 3-year cycle. Keep a record, just in case you get audited.

  19. http://www.corpedgroup.com/resources/webinars.asp CEG‘s webinars are free informational programs that are available in both live and on-demand formats. During these 1-hour sessions, CEG‘s subject matter experts will bring you up-to-speed on timely themes in project management, business analysis, management, leadership, and business process management

  20. http://www.itmpi.org/ITEducationalCollateral/LiveWebinars.aspx  - FREE PDUs for watching free $2.99 fee ONLY needs to be paid if you ask the provider for the code Their Rep # 2733 which can be obtained from pmi.org for free.

  21. Earn 0.5 PDU* and 0.5 CDU* for Every Live Webinar you Attend. Join their weekly at 12:00 PM Eastern. Webinar presentations 30 min. long and followed by a live question and answer session with the SME. http://www.pmcentersusa.com/KnowledgeCenter/LiveWebinarsSchedule/tabid/123/Default.aspx

  22. The website PDU4FREE.com has an index with other sites that provide free webinars

  23. http://gantthead.com  has annual virtual conference called "PMXPO" and all of the sessions qualify for PDUs.  The sessions are not only great but they pre-register the sessions with PMI so claiming your PDU is simple! The virtual setting obviously eliminates travel time/expense. If you are unable to "attend" the live event you can view them on-demand through 08/17/12 (I think, check the date on their website). The basic account is free and you can opt-in for newsletters and other informational emails. From time-to-time they'll offer other podcasts for PDU credit through the year.

  24. Earn free PDUs in Cat B,  Open the below link, http://www.sixsigmaonline.org/six-sigma-white-belt-training/?goback=%2Egmp_3239794%2Egde_3239794_member_118799032

    To receive your free Six Sigma White Belt Certification and PDUs:
    Step 1: Watch the video: "Understanding Six Sigma"
    Step 2: Read the article: "What is Six Sigma?" (approximately 3 pages -PDF)
    Step 3: Read the article: "Six Sigma History" (approximately 3 pages -PDF)
    Step 4: Read the article: "Roles and Responsibilities" (approximately 6 pages -PDF)
    Step 5: Read the article: "DMAIC/DMADV" (approximately 3 pages -PDF)
    Step 6: Take the Six Sigma Certification "White Belt Exam" (18 questions, minimum 16 correct required to pass - Flash)
    Step 7: Claim PDUs Under Catagary "B" Continuing Education.

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