I have just failed my first exam attempt last saturday. I received what I believe is a very soft and general training here in Lima, Peru. I was sure I was well trained given the exam simulator results I got from this training center, however, the questions in the real exam were totally different. I am looking for a good advice about online training o something I can use from here as I can´t find any high quality training center.

Thank you very much

Hey Paul,

Its sad you failed at the first attempt, however you need not lose hopes...keep trying you'll succeed in the second attempt for sure :)

I would like to suggest you to check online pmp training course at below url:


I have taken acces to this course and found it to be quite effective. It  has lots of practice questions, games and puzzles, and is offered with money back guarantee.

Hope you find this helful.

Good Luck!


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We do have online product which is serving may professionals who are taking this exam second time... but before i talk about our product... i would recommend you explore our youtube channel... you have plenty of free content which will help you in preparing for your PMP Exam...

Here is the Channel : www.youtube.com/izenbridge 

guys, I think he is talking about RMP exam, not PMP exam.

Sorry if I don't make myself clear. What I just failed is the PMI-RPM certification exam. Afortunately I passed the PMP exam some months ago. By the way, I feel RMP exam was more tricky than PMP.

Please send me your advices.


thanks for giving this feedback. I'm planning to take RMP exam in two weeks time. May I know what sort of materials did you use? As far as I know, only the following materials are available for RMP takers which are:

1. Risk Management Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers + PMI-RMP Exam Prep Guide by Rita Mulcahy

2. PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) Exam Preparation by Vanina S Mangano and Al Smith Jr

3. STUDY GUIDE For the PMI RISK MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL(r) EXAM Second Edition by Abdulla J. Alkuwaiti

4. SimpliLearn exam simulator


I received training in an institute here in Lima. It was basically a general review of the risk standard with a few advices. I don´t think these guys used any of your listed books as a reference. Even more, I also payed the basic course from V. Mangano ( I think it was the $50 package) and I was dissapointed: no tricky questions, very few Quantity Analysis question (by the way... a lot of questions about Mcarlo, and theory about other tools and technics). My most clear option is the RMP preparation guide from R. Mulcahy and the book from Mr. Alkuwaiti and more pray.

Please write me back of you have any other suggestions


I was about to subscribe to the basic course package just now, it's good that I saw your advice here. In Vanina Mangano's website, it state that basic course is $24, but when your about to pay, it's asking for double the price at $49.99. Big red sign all over not to subscribe.

I only have 1 week to prepare. Thanks for giving some hints about Mcarlo and about T&T. Just now I tried to memorize T&T of Risk Management. But I do not think I can memorize for the whole 10 knowledge areas (dont have that much photographic memory)

Will let you know if I find any other materials.

I think material is important factor for PMP exam. I am wanted to apply for PMP exam and there for search some best institutes in Mumbai for best training. I see many institute provide guarantee for the result but I think this is all marketing techniques.

I heard Rita Mulcahy material is best material for PMP. I found http://www.prothoughts.co.in/ is provide Rita Mulcahy 8th edition. Is this worth? Please guide me.

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